I am sorry that I did not get the CD winners posted yesterday. You would think that the first week after a vacation would be the difficult one. But you would be wrong. Last week was fine. This week has sucked big-time. I mean, there have been some nice things, like eating Mexican food and having a working shower and new doorknobs and nice phone conversations with people you don’t usually talk to. But there have also been some crummy things like snapping at people even when you don’t want to. And having your feelings hurt. And feeling like a failure. You know, the usual.

But today was much better. And before Mike left to see Fight Club (which is all I have to say about that), I got him to draw names out of that filthy hat up there. Here are our winners!

Judy, Danielle, and Alisa Beth, I will be emailing you about your taste in music so as to make you a CD that does not totally offend you.

In other news, my friend Emily posted something today about things that make her cry. The one thing that I can think of that is making me cry is all the news and pictures I keep seeing from Haiti. That certainly helped put my “bad week” in perspective. Bethany posted a beautiful prayer for Haiti that I am going to post here as well. If you haven’t already donated to relief efforts, please consider doing so. We’re going to set up a penny drive at my school, so my students have another opportunity to give to those in need. I am sure I will be humbled by their generosity yet again.

You who makes the mountains tremble and causes the seas to rage.
We call upon the one who calms the waters with a word.
We cry out on behalf of a broken land.
We cry out on behalf of a broken people.
We cry out on behalf of a broken history.
Hear the cries of your people as you did in Egypt
when you rescued them from their slavery.
Hear the cries of your people as you did in Babylon
when you delivered them from their captivity.
Hear now the cries of your people for Haiti.
Save them from this devastation and darkness.
We plead for a land which the world has turned against.
Do not turn your face from them.
Torah tells us you are the God of compassion and of the orphan.
See now the tears of her children.
Your prophets tell us you are the God of justice and mercy.
Come be with this people.
Have mercy, Shaddai.
Lift your hand.
Do not turn away.
Do not turn away.
-Estaban Otero


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