Good things in December.

December 1 – Good workshop with friends. And white siding on our house instead of green.
December 2 – Dinner meeting with fellow librarians. Good times.
December 3 – My last class ever. (EVER. If I try to take classes again, remind me how much I hate taking classes.) And dinner with my book club.
December 4 – Aluminum foil hats and a tiny party.
December 5 – Alison’s birthday party and football with the neighbors.
December 6 – Lunch with friends and Beautiful Star. (Though, I must regretfully say that Beautiful Star was not nearly as good this year as in previous years. The Mary/Eve character was terrible. And the female lead for the bluegrass was too quiet. The sound overall seemed bad. However, it was still a good thing because I do love it.)
December 7 – New pajamas and my last deacon meeting for this rotation (I won’t say “EVER” because I am sure I will be ready to serve again after a little time off.)
December 8 – Insulation in our house! And Secret Santa at work was awesome this year.
December 9 – I told a student that he was going to be one of my media assistants next semester and he said that was “amazing.” And we watched the Glee fall finale, which was marvelous in every way.
December 10 – Mike took me out to dinner to celebrate not having to take classes. We ate tiny food, which is one of my most favorite things.
December 11 – Christmas party with my work friends. Mike won two out of the three games, which I am pretty sure means that he won’t be invited back next year.
December 12 – Mike and I survived the scary Scholastic warehouse sale.
December 13 – Really good sermon at church, brunch at M’Couls and craft show.
December 14 – Christmas present exchange with Alisa.
December 15 – Coffee with Emily and the chorus concert was good.
December 16 – The Lovefeast at church was very nice.
December 17 – Had fun discussing the threat of snow with random people at Food Lion.
December 18 – Three hour early dismissal! Because of the threat of snow! And then I baked cookies.
December 19 – Walking in a winter wonderland, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, finished the Christmas baking.
December 20 – This was a nice day full of family and fun. I particularly enjoyed hanging out with my friends Lisa and David while the youth group was scavenger hunting.
December 21- Three-hour delay! We didn’t even know that was a thing! Who has ever heard of a three hour delay?!
December 22 – Two-hour delay! We got out of eight hours of work in the past three days! Also, pretty paint on the walls. And then Mike and I saw An Education, went out to dinner, and looked at Christmas lights.
December 23 – While it would have been nice to have an extra day of relaxation before the holidays began, this one wasn’t too bad. I made boozy cupcakes like I had promised for my brother, and they were quite delicious.
December 24 – This was another lovely fun day. I feel that I risk alienating people by choosing just one thing. So I abstain.
December 25 – It was Christmas Day. Of course it was good.
December 26 – Mike and I had our annual post-Christmas shopping trip and then got to see some family.
December 27 – Lunch after church with some new friends.
December 28 – My friend had twin girls! They were early so they are tiny and will be in the hospital, but they are doing well.
December 29 – Mike and I saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox and visited the babies.
December 30 – So many wonderful things were being done in our house. It was fun to see them all happening.
December 31 – Lunch with my aunt and New Year’s Eve party with my friends. (And changing things around here!)

I will have my book post up later today. Much later.

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