Coming along.

It’s time for another update on the addition! I have been rebuked by several people for not updating often enough. Let me be honest with you: when your house is covered in dust and there are plastic sheets draped everywhere, it’s as much as you can do to get the laundry done. Everything else is kind of overwhelming.

Like this giant sheet of plastic protecting our living room. It was really fun. Especially how it would move in the night when the heat would come on and the plastic would move and wake me up and make me think someone was in the house. I loved that part.

Let’s do one thing at a time. Here’s how the shower is going. First we just had trash and the hope of maybe something more.

Then we had these weird bar things that I don’t remember why they are there. But, look! No trash, at least!

And you can see the two shower heads.

Here is a view from inside the shower. You can see the skylight and the painted walls, which I will tell you about in a minute.

And now we can look at the cement that has been put down. One more layer and then we’ll get tile!

Before I talk about the color, though, here’s what’s been going on in the space itself. Walls! Closet:

Laundry room:

View from the laundry room on a snow day:

Laundry, linen, water closet:

And now, with paint! We picked Benjamin Moore’s Shaker Beige as our color.

This is a shot of where our sinks and mirror will be. The cabinets actually came in this morning and are being installed right now!

Here’s how our bedroom looks right now.

Well, it has actually been painted since I took that picture, but for the most part that’s how it looks. We’re keeping the same color – Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green. What I want to point out is the lovely pile of stuff covered in plastic and also that that window used to be on the back of our bedroom but is now on the side. We didn’t want to lose the light.

Here’s a view of the new space (this picture is post-paint) from our bedroom. We used to have a door to the tiny bathroom on the right.

The only thing I haven’t shown you is the giant bedroom closet for our front bedroom. Here it is with walls.

I will have more to show later this week as the painters finish and the flooring starts happening. And we have now concocted a plan in which the ugly beige trim gets painted everywhere in our house and also we take down some walls in the kitchen to open it up, so this whole thing is going to drag on a bit longer than I thought (although we will be in our own room in our new bathroom soon enough).

As always, you can follow the progress in this set on Flickr.

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