Good things in November.

November 1 – All Saints’ Sunday at church.
November 2 – Dinner at Phoenix for my mom’s birthday.
November 3 – Finished my last paper ever. (Maybe not ever, but let’s just say that it is.)
November 4 – Finished Jesus Girls, which will be on my top ten list for the year.
November 5 – Did an awesome parallel parking job with Mike’s car. Which has no power steering. You guys, I’m not a rock star. I’m just an ordinary citizen with awesomely strong arms. Also, Andrea gave me some peanut butter pie from Lucky 32.
November 6 – A kid at my school said, “You’re the only teacher who wears Converse. That’s so cool.”
November 7 – Ran an insane amount of errands in the morning and then randomly hung out with our neighbors for seven hours.
November 8 – Silliness at the deacon’s meeting got me out of my bad mood.
November 9 – My class was only one hour instead of two.
November 10 – Violin concert at the neighbors’ house followed by Johnny Cash at Natty Greene’s.
November 11 – French onion soup for dinner.
November 12 – Mike made shepherd’s pie for dinner and it was ready when I got home from fighting with the rain on campus.
November 13 – Fun concert at Mike’s school.
November 14 – 5K in the morning, art and chocolate in the afternoon, game night.
November 15 – The Wizard of Oz at the community theater.
November 16 – Sometimes I dread Mondays, but this one was really not bad.
November 17 – Roast in the crockpot meant dinner was ready when I got home.
November 18 – We cleared out of our bathroom completely so that it can be turned into a REALLY LARGE SHOWER.
November 19 – Delicious roast beef sandwich for lunch.
November 20 – Dinner with a friend to celebrate her passing the National Boards and then New Moon with a million screaming teenagers/housewives.
November 21 – The Muppet Christmas Carol and time with Melissa.
November 22 – Lunch after church with many friends. Ate delicious sliders.
November 23 – Went to see New Moon again with Mike and Andrea. Mike liked the twirly-cam. Andrea, however, thought the story was hopeless and full of many bad choices. She did not, however, start yelling, “Abandon hope, all who enter here.” Which would have been an AWESOME thing, not just a good thing. Also, Mike and I had a gift card, so our tickets only cost $2.00
November 24 – My last class of the day (the day before vacation) were angels. ANGELS. They made me Thanksgiving spectacles. One lens was a turkey and one was a pumpkin.
November 25 – I made a pumpkin cheesecake and wrapped green beans in bacon.
November 26 – Thanksgiving! Ran a 5K in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with family. And food.
November 27 – Decorated our house for Christmas. (Mike started playing Christmas music at 8:30 in the morning.)
November 28 – Picked up our wreath from the youth group fundraiser. One of the youth said she likes my hair.
November 29 – Showed the neighbor children our tree. They were mesmerized. I love children at Christmas.
November 30 – We had delicious black bean cakes for dinner.

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