The bathroom actually no longer looks like this.

On Wednesday night, we moved into the hall bathroom. Because our bathroom was going to be gutted on Thursday. After we moved into the other bathroom, I forced Mike to take a few pictures so that you could see exactly what the tiny bathroom used to look like.

Here is Mike in the tiny bathroom. You will notice the sink to the right of the picture, the toilet to the left, and the tub behind him.

This is what happens when two people stand in the tiny bathroom together. See how close they have to stand? Please also notice: sink in front of us, toilet behind us, tub beside us. No other room.

And, finally, here is what the bathroom looks like without people. My toes to the left, Mike’s to the right.

Essentially, we are going to have the world’s most awesome shower. That whole room? Will be our shower. I will post a comparative picture when it’s done. (Don’t worry, we’ll have our clothes on.)

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