A list for Thursday.

1. Mike said yesterday’s post was like a Keith Olbermann Special Comment. Don’t worry, he didn’t mean the real Keith Olbermann. He meant this Keith Olbermann. I can’t believe I missed a chance to talk about Miss Precious Perfect. Up with this I cannot put, sir!

2. I do not understand undergraduate education majors who say things like, “I have a hard time making it to my 8:00 classes.” When do they think elementary/middle/high schools start?

3. Every Thursday, my teacher friends and I discuss the latest episode of Glee. This week’s complaint: How, exactly, was Mr. Shu going to keep Rachel from falling in love with him by jumping on the piano bench? (Not that I minded.) We were particularly unkind to him the week he sang, “This Is How We Do It.” His dancing was extremely inappropriate that week. (Not that I minded.) (I really love Mr. Shu.)

4. The door to nowhere behind the TV in our sunroom has been walled in. I am fairly certain that Big Bunny has new people on her list of people to kill. (We were already on it.)

5. Let the Great World Spin won the National Book Award. I told you it was good. Just saying.

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