It’s plot exposition. It has to go somewhere.

I don’t actually have anything to say about City of Bones except that I realized while I was reading it that the reason I don’t read a lot of fantasy is that I have zero patience for all the setup/exposition. I was incredibly antsy during the first part of the book, because it was setup. See also: my frustration with The Lightning Thief. This is my problem, not fantasy’s problem. I am aware of this. Although, I will say that I enjoy it when a book expects me to keep up rather than spoon-feeding me (not saying that City of Bones does that, just saying in general that is something I enjoy in a book). But these are books for pre-teens/teens and I think the exposition is appropriate. I just get bored with it really easily.

(Of course it needs explanation! It’s an entirely different world! It needs to be explained/established. I am just a bad person who gets easily irritated with that stuff.)

So, anyway. City of Bones. If you are the one person out there who hasn’t already read them and you like teen fantasy, you will probably like it. I thought it was entertaining. On Monday at school, I borrowed the second and third books from another teacher. I am looking forward to seeing what happens.

(P.S. I love Simon. I know that surprises no one. I love the nerdy friend with the glasses. Who among us could have predicted such a shocking turn of events?)

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