Stops my mind from wandering where it will go.

Our new addition is progressing nicely. I told you we were having one, but I didn’t tell you much more than that. Because I kept waiting to show you pictures. But I am still not quite ready to show you pictures. So let me tell you a bit about it and show you a few pictures in the weeks to come.

We have a tiny bathroom. Our neighbors were like, “No we have the smallest bathroom on the street!” and then I forced them into our bathroom (one at a time, because only one person can fit) and they were like, “Never mind, you win.” Unfortunately, “winning” in this case is much much more like losing. If I hadn’t already gone running, I would post a picture of myself in my bathroom, surrounded by tub, toilet, and sink. But you will just have to wait for that.

So, with the help of my aunt, we concocted a plan in which we would solve this problem by building a bathroom and a closet and some laundry space off the back of our house. The current bathroom? Is going to be our shower. It will be a large-ish shower, to be sure, but not freakishly large. Because it is a freakishly small bathroom. Also, we will have an awesome closet and I will have space to do laundry. Mike is excited about the shower. But I am really excited about the laundry room. We both care about cleanliness, just in different ways.

There are all kinds of other things going on, too. This means that the washer and dryer will be out of the kitchen, which means we can move the refrigerator where the washer and dryer are currently. Which means that I ordered this butcher block table to go in the space where the refrigerator currently is. You can see what I am talking about here. The washer and dryer are currently behind those sliding doors. Which will soon be gone, glory hallelujah. When we were getting the new cabinets last year, my aunt kept asking if we wanted to put a small counter next to the fridge so we could put glasses on it. We kept vetoing it because we didn’t want to waste cabinet space. What no one bothered to tell us is that it’s a really bad idea to have your fridge right next to your oven. When you are cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, the fridge gets a little overheated. So the fridge needs to be moved.

Other things that are happening: closets in the hall are being absorbed into bedrooms, the current closet in our room is being absorbed into the closet for the other bedroom on that end of the house (two rooms will have giant closets, hooray!), and we are getting new white siding instead of weird tan siding and weird green siding. It is all very exciting.

So, anyway. I am telling you this because my butcher block table came today. I am so excited about it, even though we don’t really have anywhere to put it yet. Things are definitely progressing, though. We are almost to the point where the addition will have a roof. After that, they will be knocking a hole in our bedroom wall. And then it will really appear as if things are happening.

(Actually it already appears that things are happening, as evidenced by the giant pile of trash in my back yard. And the port-a-john in the front.)

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