100 books that defined the noughties

The Telegraph has posted a list of 100 books that defined the last decade. I have read 19 of them. I am ashamed to say that one of those is The Da Vinci Code. A few others are on my short list (which is different than the large list that is in huge piles next to my bed. I guess the short list is books that I am going to put on hold as soon as space frees up on my hold list at the library).

How many have you read? Any glaring omissions that come to mind? (PS – Emily, number 1 is for you.)

You can also see their lists of 100 songs that defined the decade, 100 films that defined the decade, and 100 defining cultural events. I love these sorts of lists, the effort to make sense of the things we have just experienced. Perhaps I will create my own list of the most important books to me in the past decade. That would be a fun exercise. (Maybe just 20 or so, though. I think that I would lose interest in my own list before I could think of 100 titles.)

Speaking of 100 titles, I am on track to meet my reading goal for this year, which was to read 10 books a month. I finished book 110 yesterday, so I should be able to get through ten more before the end of the year. Currently, I am reading City of Bones. One of my students said I HAD to read it, so I am reading it. And reserving judgment until later. I will keep you posted.

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