Good things in October.

I have been dreading October since the summer. I knew it would be busy with fun things, but it’s also a hard part of the school year and a hard part of the semester when you are taking classes. This is my testimony of how I survived. And now it is over and I am starting to feel like I am going to make it. I have four weeks of classes left and some really big assignments got completed over the weekend. I love October, but I can’t say I am sorry to see it go.

October 1 – Field trip to Old Salem. (I shouldn’t have gone because I was still sick. But I did. And it was good. But tiring.)
October 2 – Baby-sat for the neighbors’ children. (I shouldn’t have done this because I was still sick. But I did.)
October 3 – Went to Abbondanza even though I was sick.
October 4 – Started feeling better. Played baseball with neighbor children (I was the catcher).
October 5 – Someone from Random House said she really enjoys my blog.
October 6 – I went to a workshop and got to wear jeans. Also it was a good workshop (this is unusual).
October 7 – Yoga!
October 8 – This was a rough day, but the good part is that a big assignment for class got checked off the list. And then we got to see David Sedaris, who is very funny and awesome.
October 9 – Hanging out with my friends under the stars by a fire.
October 10 – Ate Chinese food, watched The Office wedding, drank a glass of wine.
October 11 – Had tea with Emily in an effort to get out of the sick house.
October 12 – Whip It!
October 13 – Last final touches on my Best Girl Speech.
October 14 – Meeting after school with other librarians. We don’t get to see each other that often and we are usually the only ones at our schools, so it’s nice to hang out.
October 15 – One of my students wrote me a really nice letter and gave me some origami that she made. Also, Alisa’s bachelorette evening, complete with tacos, cosmos, cupcakes, and fondue.
October 16 – Got our nails done, planned an R. Kelly themed afterparty, had lunch with Scott and Brandi and Carla, went flask hunting with Carla, and rode to the rehearsal dinner with John & Emily.
October 17 – Jason and Alisa’s wedding. Also, Facebook on the ceiling.
October 18 – The after afterparty lasted until 4:00 am.
October 19 – The renovations on our house started. Apparently there were big machines. Our three-year-old neighbor was very happy about this.
October 20 – Went to see Where the Wild Things Are after school with Mike. I like all these afternoon movies.
October 21 – Was not sore at all after my flu shot, even while doing yoga. Big difference from last year.
October 22 – Exchanged text messages with Alisa on my way home from class (not while I was driving, people, don’t worry).
October 23 – Early release day and game night at our friends’ house. Even though we couldn’t stay because of our early flight. It was still nice to rejoin the land of the living.
October 24 – A delicious hamburger, MoMA, and Billy Elliot. Also the two men crying in front of me during Billy Elliot. Who made me cry harder.
October 25 – A wonderful afternoon in Brooklyn capped by a beautiful walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. And then tiny food and wine for dinner.
October 26 – The glorious autumn leaves in Central Park.
October 27 – Baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the Great Pumpkin Party.
October 28 – Baked pumpkin craisin cookies for the Great Pumpkin Party. Also a book came in that I was very excited about (and will be telling you about shortly) and Alisa came over, ostensibly to help bake cookies but actually to eat them.
October 29 – Baked pumpkin pies for the Great Pumpkin Party (are you sensing a theme here).
October 30 – The best Great Pumpkin Party yet. About 70 people came, carved pumpkins, ate soup, watched The Great Pumpkin movie, and sat by the fire and roasted marshmallows. It was wonderful.
October 31 – We sat in our carport and played Trivial Pursuit and handed out candy. We had cider and s’mores for the children (and adults) we knew. People hung out with us and it was a magical time.

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