Why couldn’t it be, “Follow the butterflies”?

It’s October, so of course it is much too early to turn on our heat. This is North Carolina, for crying out loud! We do not turn on our heat before November! And sometimes not even then!

The problem is that this week has been freakishly cold for North Carolina in November. I had to actually wear sweaters. And jackets. It’s been bizarre. Another problem – our home addition starts next week. And part of that is that we’re getting a new heating and air system. Next week. I hate to turn on the old one when we’re going to get a new money-saving one. Next week. I was fine with sticking it out, but I didn’t want the bride’s last week in our house to be freezing. So we tried to turn it on. Nothing happened.

Thanks to Mike’s H1N1, the bride was still staying somewhere else, so we had a little time. We also knew our service plan was very very close to running out. Turns out our service plan was set to run out on the 15th. Which was yesterday. So yesterday morning, Mike called and asked someone to come out. All day (which was a very cold day) I worried about it being so cold. The bride was, after all, moving back into our house that very night. I will spare you all the boring details about finally getting the guy here, but I just want to tell you what was wrong with our heat: a nest of spiders was . . . I don’t know, blocking it or something. I didn’t really pay attention past the “nest of spiders” part. There was a nest of spiders. Do you really need to know more than that?

So, anyway. Last night we slept with the heat on. I will be honest – it was a little too warm for me. I don’t want it to be 59 degrees like it was when we woke up on Thursday morning, but I don’t need it to be 72 degrees, either. I am good with something like 65. Cold enough for a blanket and warm pajamas, but not so cold that the room is actually uncomfortable.

I would like for you to take two things away from this story:

2. Always always always get the maintenance/service plan. The service plan on our heating and air has saved our butts several times already. (I don’t think I ever told this story, but the day we moved in it was broken and the person before us had bought the plan so we got it fixed for no charge. That day we vowed to always get the plan. For our new system, we will be getting a plan.)

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