Good things in September.

Sept 1 – Watched Mike freak out while reading Catching Fire.
Sept 2 – Went for a really good walk after church.
Sept 3 – Went for a walk with Emily after class.
Sept 4 – Planned a fun art/literature unit with the art teacher.
Sept 5 – Cookout with our neighbors and John and Emily.
Sept 6 – Visited Mike’s sister for the kids’ birthdays.
Sept 7 – Had family photos taken. (Haven’t seen them yet, or I’d show you.)
Sept 8 – Had a good talk with my students after Obama’s speech. Also, he did not actually encourage anyone to experiment with their sexuality, convert to Islam, or become a socialist. Shockingly.
Sept 9 – Glee came back! And it made me laugh. And cringe. Two of my favorite things.
Sept 10 – What was good about this day was how nice people were to me.
Sept 11 – Dessert at Ganache for a friend’s birthday.
Sept 12 – Basically did nothing all day except lounging and reading and a little homework and then had dinner with girlfriends from church and ate sushi for the first time.
Sept 13 – One of my favorite praise and worship songs was played during the offertory. Just the piano. No singing. It was nice to hear it.
Sept 14 – Saw Andrea. And some other things also happened. She has forbidden me to tell you more.
Sept 15 – Really good planning meeting after school.
Sept 16 – Hung out with friends after church. Behaved menacingly. Also there was ice cream and blueberry wine.
Sept 17 – Finished my paper a day early and turned it in. (Got full marks.)
Sept 18 – Went to a 12-year-old’s birthday party. Played “book charades.” Mike tried to act out Winnie-the-Pooh by mimicking pooping. Enough said.
Sept 19 – Went to our favorite restaurant for Mike’s birthday and then saw Picnic at Triad Stage.
Sept 20 – Mike’s birthday! He got lots of presents and we ate lots of food.
Sept 21 – I made a really good dinner.
Sept 22 – Got to visit my high school media specialist and interview her for a class assignment.
Sept 23 – Glee rocked my socks off. What with “All the Single Ladies” and all.
Sept 24 – This happened.
Sept 25 – We made pizza and watched The Princess Bride. Of course.
Sept 26 – Mike and I lounged all day and watched five movies.
Sept 27 – The Amazing Race came back! And it was amazing!
Sept 28 – Overheard one student say to another student, “I call you H1N1 and your brother H2N2.” Not sure if this is meant to be an insult or meant to be awesome. I vote for awesome.
Sept 29 – Mike took care of me after my doctor’s appointment. (Not strep. Or the flu.)
Sept 30 – Had the world’s most productive sick day.

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