A tiny bit more on The Princess Bride.

Mike said I had to include this, or just in case you needed a little laugh at my expense:

In The Princess Bride, William Goldman explains that S. Morgenstern’s estate would not let him include the reunion scene between Westley and Buttercup that he had written. But readers were encouraged to write in and request it from the publisher. I did, of course, write in and request it from the publisher. (If you didn’t know that, may I just ask: Are you new here? I am a nerd. Of course I wrote the publisher. It’s what we DO.) You can read more about that here or request it yourself here. Such modern times! I had to use stamps and everything! There might even have been a SASE! Did any of you other fans of the book also write the publisher?

So, of course, the question is whether I need to mention this to my student. For my part, I think not . . . I think that growing up means experiencing those things for yourself. Even crushing disappointments like getting a boring legal letter instead of a romantic reunion scene. (I kept my copy of that letter for years, but now I can’t find it. Otherwise I would post a picture.) (I bet I still have it SOMEWHERE.)

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