Good things in August.

August 1 – Saw Scott and Kelly in Raleigh with Randy and Melissa. (Got lost. And then unlost. Also went to Trader Joe’s.)
August 2 – Toured a house with Jason and Alisa and waited for Brandi to arrive.
August 3 – Watched O Brother, Where Art Thou outside on the big screen.
August 4 – Brandi and I spent a lot of the day at the pool. Then we (Alisa, Andrea, Brandi and I) had dollar tacos and watched our favorite episodes of Friends.
August 5 – Hung out with the neighbors at the pool all afternoon.
August 6 – Good meeting at school and lunch with my mom and my aunt.
August 7 – Had coffee with Emily and saw Julie and Julia with my mom. (For the record? The movie was better than the book.)
August 8 – I read an entire book.
August 9 – Went to the youth party at the pool and ate their pizza.
August 10 – Went off the high dive.
August 11 – Good meeting with teacher friends about a project we’re doing this year (integrating art into all subject areas).
August 12 – I had a meeting at school that went well.
August 13 – My last unscheduled day of summer was spent at the pool with Emily and our neighbor Susan.
August 14 – I went to IKEA with my mom.
August 15 – Canned 30 pints of tomatoes with my grandma and saw many other members of my extended family.
August 16 – Played hooky from church and spent the entire day reading and relaxing.
August 18 – Found out that I PASSED THE PRAXIS. (So many capital letters!) And we made our Abbondanza reservations and got tickets to see David Sedaris.
August 19 – Had a burger and onion rings for lunch at the pool for the last official day of summer.
August 20 – Went for a nice walk with Mike after the first day back at work.
August 21 – Saw lots of my Battle of the Books kids at Open House.
August 22 – Lovely rainy morning. I read my book and that evening we played dominoes with our neighbors.
August 23 – The last Seuss sermon at church was great and I finished all the shopping for Mike’s birthday.
August 24 – I had my class (one of the ones I am taking) after work and it did not suck.
August 25 – Good first day except for the part where I got thrown up on.
August 26 – Saw one of my favorite students from last year. Also there was a cheesy skit at church that was made of awesome. And love.
August 27 – My other class that I am taking is filled with undergraduates with no teaching experience who want to change the world. Which is good . . . for me to laugh at.
August 28 – Friday night: pizza, 30 Rock, Mike passed out on the couch from exhaustion. Teaching is hard, y’all.
August 29 – Alisa had a lovely shower and then we hung out with our neighbors at the pool.
August 30 – Had lunch with some of our friends who abandoned us to move to stupid Virginia. Also, went for two runs in an attempt to be healthy. (Was sore the next morning.)
August 31 – Alisa and I got fabulous facials.

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