Homemade gift #4

I had the hardest time with Lydia’s CD. I had a theme picked out, and it ended up not working at all. So I had to scrap the whole thing and send the other three CDs while I was still working on Lydia’s. But since she is such a reader, I decided to go with a literary theme. I wanted to choose songs that had to do with books I know she’s read. Some of the choices were for more silly reasons, and some were more thoughtful. Also, if it is wrong to laugh at your own jokes, well, I am sorry. But there are some choices on this playlist that still make me laugh. Ready?

“Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby” by Javier Navarrete – This is from the movie, which is amazing but also amazingly violent. This, though, is what reading a fantasy novel sounds like to me. I listened to this soundtrack when I read Kathleen Norris’s Amazing Grace, and it was the perfect music for reading.

“Clairaudients (Kill or Be Killed)” by Bright Eyes – This is your Hunger Games song. (Dear readers, I told you about The Hunger Games, but if you ignored me before, let me reiterate that it was awesome. And you should read it. And the second one comes out September 1, and you should be glad you haven’t had to wait for it like the rest of us did. But you should read it now.) I think the lyrics go along with the book really well. We actually cut out a bunch of “noise” from the front of the song to include it on the mix.

“Death and All His Friends” by Coldplay – This song is for The Book Thief. (This is one where I laughed and laughed after choosing it. Come on, that’s hilarious. Death. And all his friends. Hahahahahahahaha!) (Dear readers, in case you weren’t aware, Death narrates The Book Thief.)

“The Quiet Wonder” by Don Chaffer (of Waterdeep) – This one is for The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. (Dear readers, Edgar Sawtelle is mute.) Some of the lyrics were poignant, I thought, for Edgar:

When I left town
‘Bout a hundred years ago I didn’t
Think I’d lose my way
The kind of losing where you wonder at the end
If you even know your name

“They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!” by Sufjan Stevens – This is, of course, for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. (Picture me laughing at my own joke.)

“Song for the Myla Goldberg” by The Decemberists – I have not actually read Bee Season (or seen the movie, for that matter), which this is partially about, and I have no idea if you have or not. But I thought it would be fun to include it, since it’s literary themed.

“The Weapon” by Harry and the Potters – Okay, listen. I know they aren’t good. But I can’t find another song that’s better to represent Harry Potter. I like this song even though they can’t sing and are much better live. Just, uh, focus on the lyrics, which are awesome. Or skip it. I still love this line: “The weapon we have is love.” Here, look how much more awesome it is live. When people are singing along.

“So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright” by Simon and Garfunkel – I know that Lydia read Loving Frank (and so did I, actually, but I never wrote it up for some reason. Probably because it’s sad), so here’s a Frank Lloyd Wright song. (Dear readers, Loving Frank is about this really long messy affair that Frank Lloyd Wright had that ended in murder. Not his. But still, no joke.)

“Flesh” by David Gray – I meant for this one to represent The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It’s not a perfect choice, but I think it works. (Dear readers, The Host is about an alien/parasite thing. And love. No, I still can’t explain it.)

“Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin – This is your Lord of the Rings song. Don’t hate me. Just laugh. And think of Mount Doom.

“Bridges and Balloons” by The Decemberists – This one has some references to Narnia, so I thought it might be fun to include it. Pertinent lines: “I can recall our caravel: A little wicker beetle shell, with four fine maste and lateen sails, its bearings on Cair Paravel.”

“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash – Okay, this is your Jane Eyre song. Again, it’s more fun if you laugh. Please laugh.

“Every Breath You Take” by The Police – Obviously, this one is for Twilight. We all know how I feel about Edward’s stalker tendencies. Enough said. (Dear readers, Twilight is about a vampire who feels so cold and longs for your embrace.)

“Further On (Up the Road)” by Bruce Springsteen – For The Road. I was trying not to just put titles of songs into iTunes, but Mike suggested this one and the lyrics have some of the same themes as the book. In my opinion.

“Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits – What literary themed playlist would be complete without this song?

“Storybook Love” by Willy DeVille – This one is almost cheating, since it’s the song from The Princess Bride to represent The Princess Bride, but . . . I love this song. And it does go along with the book. So I left it in.

“Wish You Well” by Katie Herzig – This was Andrea’s suggestion for The Time-Traveler’s Wife. I don’t really know the song, and I don’t love the book, so I don’t have anything to add. This was a group effort. (Dear readers, you do NOT want me to talk to you about this book and its manipulations.)

“Magic Trick” by M. Ward – I wanted a magic song for Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. This one is a favorite of Mike’s. And therefore also a favorite of mine.

“Beard of Bees” by Clem Snide – I had the hardest time trying to find something Mary Russell-ish for you. This is the best I could do. It works, sort of. I think the chorus echoes how Mary feels the first time she meets Sherlock: “But do you know that when you’re here with me, that’s the only time that I feel free.”

“Kindred Spirit” by Cyndi Lauper – An Anne song to end the CD. I searched for something Anne-ish for a long time, but this was the best I could find.

Okay. I know now that it’s been mailed and is in Lydia’s hands, you guys are going to come up with something brilliant that I forgot. What is it? A better Jane Eyre song? The perfect Anne Shirley song? Something obvious I missed? Go ahead, I can take it.

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