Homemade gift #2

My second homemade gift was for Kara, who, as far as I know, does not have a blog for me to link. Kara likes gardening, which intrigued me since all I ever do is kill plants. She also likes country music, so I tried to give it a bit of a country feel. This one was really fun/challenging to make! I managed to include trees, flowers, fruit, and herbs.

“Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles – This is from the Love CD. I thought it was a little more gentle than the other version. And I love including the Beatles on mix CDs.

“Lily-A-Passion” by Grant Lee Phillips – (As I said to April) Grant Lee Phillips was on Gilmore Girls as the Troubadour. This is my favorite of his songs.

“Trampled Rose” by Robert Plant with Alison Krauss – She said she liked country, so I was hoping that would include Alison Krauss.

“Daisies and Sandalwood” by Steven Delopoulos – He was in Burlap to Cashmere, which was a Christian band Mike and I really enjoyed in the late 90s.

“The Garden” by Sixpence None the Richer – Mike and I have a large collection of 80s and 90s Christian music. He was a big Sixpence fan, and I happened to come across this song.

“Flowers Up” by Sam Phillips – Sam Phillips was also involved with music on Gilmore Girls. (And, actually, she used to be a Christian singer. Everything coming together!) This is from her latest album.

“Days of Wine and Roses” by Diana Krall and Cassandra Wilson – I had heard the Sinatra version but not this one.

“Van Lear Rose” by Loretta Lynn – Mike loves this album, and I always enjoy a little Loretta.

“Pale Green Things” by The Mountain Goats – This is a song about how good things can come out of difficult relationships. It’s kind of a stretch for this CD, but I love The Mountain Goats and the sound worked, so I left it in.

“Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead – I am not a Radiohead fan, but this song worked with the rest and I liked the way it sounded.

“How She Could Sing the Wildwood Flower” by Emmylou Harris – I love Emmylou.

“Miss Magnolia” by Matt Costa – This is such a fun song. I like the sound of it a lot. I also like magnolia trees a lot, as a good Southern girl should.

“All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands” by Sufjan Stevens – I can take Sufjan in small doses. I love how long all of his titles are.

“Fruit Tree” by Nick Drake – Mike likes Nick Drake and says that he’s perfect background music. This one has a haunted sound, I think.

“Daisies and Roses” by Burlap to Cashmere – An old-school favorite of ours. One of the first ones that made me think about doing a garden theme.

“Scarborough Fair” by Simon & Garfunkel – I managed to work both the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel on this list. Two of my all-time favorites.

“Garden Rose” by Lavender Diamond – We saw them perform last year and I thought they were a little weird, but very sincere. Cute song.

Okay, what did I miss that you think is totally obvious?

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