Good things in July.

You know what I don’t like? Blog posts where people post about how they don’t have anything to say. I didn’t have anything to say, so I didn’t say it. But I’m back! I think. I also don’t like posts where people apologize for not posting. It’s okay not to post! I was busy. Doing things. And thinking about things. Here are a few of them, in case you were wondering.

July 1 – Breakfast and birthday shopping with my aunt.
July 2 – Discussed our possible addition to our house with my other aunt.
July 3 – Made curtains with my mom and got my last haircut in my 20s.
July 4 – Made cupcakes from scratch and had a deliciously cool 4th, complete with a deserted pool and fireworks.
July 5 – My excellent birthday party.
July 6 – Randy came to start on our tile.
July 7 – I got a great spot at the pool, got some reading done, and chatted with a friend.
July 8 – While in Raleigh, watched SYTYCD with teacher friends and drank wine from a bottle with a screw top (no corkscrew since we were staying in a hotel).
July 9 – Great day at our conference – got a lot accomplished.
July 10 – I am happy not to be a bus driver.
July 11 – Went to the Farmer’s Market and then headed to the beach with my mom.
July 12 – Ate dinner at the Sea Captain’s restaurant.
July 13 – Went shopping with my mom at the outlets and bought sensible things like white tank tops and gray cardigans, much to some people’s chagrin.
July 14 – Finally finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Which I ended up liking quite a bit.
July 15 – For our 9th anniversary, our family surprised us with banana splits.
July 16 – For my brother’s birthday, we went to the aquarium and saw sharks and a sea turtle. And I got in for free since I’m a teacher!
July 17 – Got back from the beach and made a cake in less than an hour, then took it to a friend’s birthday party. How awesome am I?
July 18 – Our sunroom floor was completed and we got to move stuff in.
July 19 – We bought a rug and a TV for the sunroom and a table for the breakfast nook-type area.
July 20 – Watched Apollo 13 in honor of the moon landing.
July 21 – Mike spray painted the table I bought with his interior designer skills. And I had a good phone call with Melissa.
July 22 – Eavesdropped as some people at the pool talked about a friend of mine. Hee hee hee. Also, Mike and I watched Twilight (he’s read the first three books) and he was generally horrified (but said it was better than the books because he didn’t have to listen to Bella’s stream of consciousness).
July 23 – Spent the night at my mom’s so I could take her to the doctor’s the next day. It was fun to hang out with her.
July 24 – Some nice people talked me out of my Praxis panic attack.
July 25 – Took the Praxis and then had an awesome brunch with Mike.
July 26 – Went to the Sunday evening concert at the park with some friends.
July 27 – Lots of meetings about the addition on our house.
July 28 – Alisa and I made pumpkin cake with whiskey soaked craisins.
July 29 – Ran a lot of errands and was generally productive.
July 30 – Cleaned out the extra bedroom and threw away many things, which always feels nice.
July 31 – Melissa and her kids came over for a playdate. I didn’t know I could have playdates since I don’t have kids of my own. It’s a revelation!

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