Good things in June.

June 1 – Everything before we drove to Ultimate Frisbee and got a bad phone call.
June 2 – One of my students said some very positive and uplifting things that made me feel good about my job.
June 3 – The thunderstorm (that I had to chat online during) did not destroy my computer.
June 4 – Mike and Alison made me go out to dinner for Girls’ Night Out.
June 5 – The parents provided pizza for lunch!
June 6 – We ran in a race and also our neighbors’ children had a party with a bouncy castle!
June 7 – Really enjoyed the sermon at church and got a lot of homework done.
June 8 – Was at Mike’s school briefly. His students said I was pretty.
June 9 – Got a massive amount of work done on my portfolio for class.
June 10 – Walked a lot as I administered end-of-year test retakes. Counting steps kept me occupied.
June 11 – Reading incentive for 6th graders went really well (though it was a long day – I didn’t leave work until 9:30).
June 12 – This was not a good day. But some people let me be upset without trying to fix it, for which I am grateful.
June 13 – Went wedding dress shopping with Alisa and ate the world’s largest banana split.
June 14 – The sermon at church was, again, very good. I really like this Dr. Seuss series.
June 15 – The last day of school for students. Enough said.
June 16 – Our only workday this year. I got to wear flip flops and jeans and had my nails done after school.
June 17 – It was a very rainy day. We ran a lot of errands and I made fun of Mike for taking the longest possible route everywhere we went.
June 18 – I got my new driver’s license. I was in and out of the DMV in 15 minutes and won’t need another one for 8 years. We will never move again.
June 19 – Had breakfast and went shopping with my Aunt Nancy. And later we went to Float Night.
June 20 – Went to a friend’s wedding that was lovely and beautiful. That night we went to the pool social and got to meet some people in our neighborhood.
June 21 – I went to church on Father’s Day for the first time in a couple of years and then hung out at the pool all afternoon.
June 22 – Mike and I took a very long walk together without saying much. Sometimes it’s just nice to be with someone who lets you be quiet.
June 23 – I turned in my last assignment for my summer class. And all my Facebook friends rejoiced, because I stopped complaining about that stupid class.
June 24 – Hung out with Melissa. She made me watch So You Think You Can Dance for the first time ever and I made fun of the trashy whoreish costumes.
June 25 – Mike and I went to see Tartuffe at Triad Stage and also he took me to Ben and Jerry’s. I never get to go to Ben and Jerry’s!
June 26 – Went to Smith Mountain Lake with my friends.
June 27 – Spent most of the day floating in inner tubes at Smith Mountain Lake. And ate massive amounts of delicious food. And had a birthday cake with sparklers in it while rednecks on a boat sang Happy Birthday to me.
June 28 – Had the most delicious steak I’ve ever had at a restaurant at an Expensive National Chain Steak Restaurant. (The steak really was good.)
June 29 – I took a swimming lesson and did not die. Even though I was really scared. Also I improved quite a bit. Went to see Away We Go with Mike and Andrea, and I was skeptical going in, but I ended up liking it. I cried.
June 30 – Went for a walk with our neighbor. She makes me walk fast and burn lots of calories.

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