Monthly Archives: July 2009

Nine years ago today. 8

I don’t even think I knew what “best friend” meant nine years ago. It’s not about giggling and whispering into the night (though we do that, sometimes). It’s knowing that there’s someone around who knows your true self and who likes you because of and in spite of it. Not having to apologize for who […]

Duty bound. 6

I always kind of consider July 4th and July 5th to be one holiday, my personal holiday weekend/days. Cookouts on July 4th? Are for me. The fireworks are most definitely for me. The fact that most of my friends have the day off is an extra special bonus for me because we get to grill […]

By my Window have I for Scenery. 8

I know that it’s the 4th of July and people won’t really be around today, but I promised my mom I would get her some pictures of the final results of what she and I did yesterday. Exactly six months later (because they were finished yesterday), we have some window treatments going on in here. […]

Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch 0

From the back of the book: Meet Sarah Walters, a Charleston debutante with questionable manners and an inherited weakness for bad ideas. Sarah’s brilliant older sister just dropped out of Yale to run off with an unstable graduate student from Africa. Her beautiful mother lectures her incessantly on the importance of good etiquette but tends […]

Good things in June. 0

June 1 – Everything before we drove to Ultimate Frisbee and got a bad phone call. June 2 – One of my students said some very positive and uplifting things that made me feel good about my job. June 3 – The thunderstorm (that I had to chat online during) did not destroy my computer. […]

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery 1

This is a book about two people who hide their true intellectual talents – one because a concierge is not expected to be smart and the other because she prefers not to stand out as an overly intelligent twelve-year-old. It is a book about the beauty and meaning of life, about paying attention to the […]