Hey! I ordered a cheeseburger!

I went through a bit of a hard time at the end of the school year. In order to keep me from being completely pessimistic, the art teacher bought me this:

It says the same thing on both sides. There is no room for pessimism when it comes to our art teacher.

The next day, I was using it and she got so excited. We had the following conversation:

ART TEACHER: You’re using your new bottle! Yay!

KARI: Yes.

ART TEACHER: How is it?

KARI: The water is bitter and tasteless.

ART TEACHER: What? Really?

KARI: No, I was just trying to be pessimistic. It’s great. I like it a lot. Thank you.

ART TEACHER: *laughs*

KARI: Actually, bitter and tasteless doesn’t even make sense. How could it be bitter and tasteless? I am so pessimistic that I am incoherent.

ART TEACHER: *laughs some more* I thought you might make Mike use it.

I think this proves that I actually deserve no friends whatsoever. Good grief.

I will take this opportunity to post one of my favorite Far Side cartoons, one I think of whenever people talk about the glass being half empty or half full. I do, in fact, love cheeseburgers.


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