Good things in May.

June has been deeply unkind to me thus far, so you will have to excuse the delay. I didn’t want to think about good things. I wanted to wallow.

May 1 – I made the best cauliflower side dish EVER. (Basically this without the pasta. Make sure you get it very brown and soft.)
May 2 – Mike and I ran an entire 5K together!
May 3 – I did a lot of math so we could hang some tiles correctly, and it worked! Also, Mike grilled rutabaga and it was awesome.
May 4 – Alisa and I took Emily out to eat for her birthday.
May 5 – Mike and I went to dinner and Triad Stage. The play was sad but it was an amazing one-woman performance.
May 6 – I had coffee with our neighbor and we talked about families and it turns out we have some things in common.
May 7 – I grouted my mosaic after school and it looks awesome.
May 8 – I forced Mike to watch Dead Poets Society with me and I loved every minute.
May 9 – We got up early and had strawberry pancakes at the Farmer’s Market. And had a good (early) Mother’s Day dinner with my mom.
May 10 – Really great Youth Sunday at church. And Isaac came over and hung out while his parents saw Star Trek.
May 11 – I wore a shirt I don’t often wear and got a lot of compliments. Yay for ironing!
May 12 – Nice letter from one of my Battle of the Books students calling the competition one of the best days of his life.
May 13 – Mike and I went to Natty’s for dinner.
May 14 – We made an awesome dinner that made everyone jealous of our cooking skills – grilled chicken sandwiches, that awesome cauliflower again, and spicy roasted green beans.
May 15 – At school, the parents provided lunch from Panera.
May 16 – I saw Star Trek and loved every minute.
May 17 – Threw a wedding shower and used my grandma’s china.
May 18 – Made an appointment for an actual physical with an actual doctor. (This has been a long time coming.)
May 19 – Survived the first day of testing and gave a lot of people bathroom breaks.
May 20 – Took a long walk by myself after church.
May 21 – Last day of testing! Went to dinner with Andrea and Alisa to celebrate Andrea’s official doctoral ceremony.
May 22 – Our neighbors took us out to dinner.
May 23 – The pool opened and Mike and I hung out there all day.
May 24 – I bought a new beach towel and floppy hat. Also, I slept for 11 hours.
May 25 – More pool time.
May 26 – Mike made me a delicious hamburger to eat before the chorus concert (and did not eat it himself).
May 27 – I had to have an online chat for my class, which sucked. However, at least I did not accidentally have the microphone on when I was complaining.
May 28 – Good book club discussion about Out Stealing Horses.
May 29 – One of Mike’s students and her parents took us out to dinner to say thanks for a great year.
May 30 – Mike threw an Anne of Green Gables party for some of his students he read the book with this year. They came over and we watched the DVD. I kept thinking I would write an actual entry about how cute this was, but you will just have to deal with the abbreviated version. And then Alisa got engaged! It was a very full day.
May 31 – I had to do a lot of homework, but I watched many episodes of Gilmore Girls while doing so.

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