Good things in April.

With all due respect, Mr. Eliot, I think that March was a whole lot more cruel than April this year.

1. Dinner at Lucky 32 for Andrea’s birthday. Also, I spanked both Alisa and Andrea in Uno.
2. Solaris for my friend Ginny’s birthday. Half-price tapas!
3. I went out to dinner for the third night in a row. Practically unheard of.
4. Spring is here! We finally took the flannel sheets off of our bed.
5. Napped in the hammock after church.
7. Rydell gave me pizza after my class. And let me watch American Idol with him.
8. Alisa and I went to bed boringly early. (Mike was out of town. This was our big girls’ night.)
9. Went for a long walk with a friend.
10. Some of my 8th graders were amazingly kind to each other during intramurals. It almost made me tear up.
11. Mike and I had a very productive errand run.
12. We had caramel cake at my grandma’s house. And my strawberry tart was awesome. And we had fun at our friends’ house for lunch. A good day.
13. Alisa brought home chocolate cake and we ate it with strawberries.
14. Finished a book in bed while drinking coffee.
15. This was the start of our vacation, so it could be several things, but I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the floor of the Charlotte airport and reading one of my favorite books.
16. Mike and I had a great four-mile run.
17. Tennis lesson and then shoe shopping.
18. I floated in the pool and read. All day.
19. We got back from vacation early and got lots of things accomplished in the evening.
20. I was a judge at the Elementary Battle of the Books. Also, I got to have lunch out. (This is a big deal for teachers.)
21. I wrote a really good letter of recommendation for our school’s teacher of the year. When she read it, we shared a moment.
22. Some people were very affirming of me at a planning meeting.
23. I spoke at the school board meeting and my hair looked really good. (I saw a replay on TV the next day.) Also, beer with lots of librarians later on. (Librarians gone wild!)
24. I wrote seven pages of my paper so that I could hang out with Scott the rest of the weekend without guilt.
25. Zoo! Steak! Margaritas! Strawberry shortcake!
26. Napped in the hammock. Again.
27. Mike mixed up some cookie dough batter for me so I could finish my paper and still take homemade cookies to class.
28. My last class of the semester! Everyone seemed to appreciate my final project. Also, there were snacks. I love snacks.
29. School Superintendent spoke at church and he recognized me. This might not be good. He might think I am stalking him. Especially since I asked him a question. But it was funny. And will continue to be so until he takes out a restraining order on me.
30. I made a mosaic after school. And 339 people shared poems with me.

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