Good things in March.

1. The deacon meeting was canceled because of snow. And so I don’t sound like a total heathen: Sunday service was really good.
3. My class got out about 45 minutes early, and I came home and had tea and toast.
4. Two-hour delay! And my students worked hard in spite of it!
5. A girl who could probably use the encouragement won The Amazing Library Race.
6. I took my own hula hoop to the sock hop at Mike’s school. And everyone was jealous.
7. Andrea came over and we watched Brideshead Revisited.
8. UNC beat Duke. (Get out the brooms, ’cause it was a sweep.)
9. We did not win the Battle of the Books, but I got to take my kids to Yum Yum. (My mother will approve of this one.)
10. Mike brought me dinner at work – I had to work late because of the book fair.
11. Packed backpacks to provide food for hungry children in need.
12. Alisa and I went to Phoenix for dinner.
13. The book fair ended and it was successful.
14. Mike and I took breakfast to Alisa and made French Onion soup with sherry that was delicious.
15. Bracketology! I love bracketology! Also, a great episode of The Amazing Race.
16. I read and drank tea after school. Those are two of my favorite things.
17. It stopped raining and the grass was so green. Yay, spring! And Mike wore silly socks with shamrocks on them.
18. I hate for Wednesdays to always be a cop-out that “yoga was good,” but it really was. I had coffee with my aunt, and that was nice.
19. Really good book club discussion of Skeletons at the Feast.
20. Had a beer after school with some friends. Fell asleep on the couch watching basketball. Woke up and basketball was still on. Oh, heavenly day.
21. Ate a delicious Carolina-style burger and watched basketball.
22. Melissa’s family and Rydell and his boys came over for Sunday lunch. It was very fun and Big Bunny was very overstimulated.
23. Watched the Jon & Kate Plus 8 finale with the neighbors.
24. Some people were nice to me after I got an email that wasn’t terribly friendly.
25. This was a terrible terrible day. However, I got to go hear Stephen Dubner from Freakonomics speak at UNCG, and he was great, and I got a free meal and free parking, and people were really nice to me about the terrible thing that had happened. So that was a very good thing.
26. I got my hair cut. And I got better news than I had on Wednesday. And Duke lost. And ribs from Sticky Fingers were delivered to my house, which was awesome.
27. We ate the ribs from Sticky Fingers.
28. I went for a run in the rain because I am awesome. People wave at you when you run in the rain.
29. Carolina made the Final Four. And I mopped the kitchen floor. (Rhyme!)
30. Workday! I went out for lunch and some of my friends and I went to Target and I bought an adorable dress. Also, I saw Emily and Alisa and I went for a walk and then later Mike and I went for a run.
31. I sent Mike many, many threatening emails from my class because he ate my leftovers that I was going to eat for dinner. The fact that he ate them was not the good thing. My threatening emails were the good thing. They felt good. I enjoyed them.

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