Dipping my toe in.

Mike and I live across the street from a pool. Last year we were too busy (and broke) with the moving and the kitchen remodeling and the painting and the unpacking to do anything about the pool. We talked about the pool in a theoretical fashion. “Perhaps we should join the pool next year.” “Yes, perhaps we should.” We use words like “perhaps” when we are talking theoretically.

But now it is almost pool season. And the pool is running a deal, so it’s not theoretical anymore. We have to make a decision. And I am a little bit conflicted. I don’t necessarily see myself as a pool membership sort of person. Not that there’s anything wrong with a pool membership. Just that I have never really been a pool person (it is hard to enjoy swimming when you can’t really see), let alone someone who joined a pool. (I have some commitment issues, would you like to hear about them? I also have some class issues. Want to hear about those? No? Well, can I at least offer you a brownie?) Full disclosure: It is actually a swim and tennis club, but I don’t really play tennis. So I am focusing on the pool. Also, thinking about joining a “club” only exacerbates my class issues.

The pool, in case you have forgotten, is right across the street. Right across the street! And our neighbors are excited for us to join, and their children are adorable (please see our snow day pictures for confirmation), and our other neighbors are also probably going to join, and hanging out at the pool with them would be awesome. We bought this house because it is smaller than our previous house and because we thought it fit in with the kind of life we want to live. We say that we want to live a simple life, where Mike can walk to work, where we can afford to join a CSA and visit the Farmer’s Market every week, where we know our neighbors and they are our friends. So even though I am not completely convinced that a pool/”club” is a necessary component of the life we are going for, Mike and I walked over to the pool and ponied up the money on Friday afternoon. I do think it will be fun to hang out with our neighbors and be involved in our community. Mike is so much better at the community thing than I am. It’s so much easier for me to hole up in my house with a good book, to curl inward rather than reaching outward. I keep myself to myself rather than getting to know the people around me in meaningful ways.

It still makes my teeth itch a little bit, how bourgeoisie it seems to me to join a pool. This morning, Mike kept teasing me by saying things like, “We should go to the club for lunch.” And then I would punch him in the arm. But maybe all those hours of lounging and reading will convince me. I know that my reverse snobbery is something that I really ought to get over. And I have to admit that it’s kind of nice to imagine getting up in the summer and going for a run and then getting ready to head over to the pool. That is right across the street. I have to do something with these summers off, right? (But if I am going to know the people around me while hanging out in a bathing suit, it might be good for me to go running rather than sitting on the couch eating hamburgers while watching basketball.)

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