Apparently I am all about celebrating random meaningless holidays in March.

First there was Mario Day. And today, 3/14, is Pi Day! Happy Pi Day. Perhaps you could celebrate by making a pie. And bringing me a piece. Or seven. (I just told Mike that we should have gotten married on Pi Day, as this site recommends, to show that, like Pi, our love will last forever. Pi Day is apparently like Valentine’s Day for nerds. You can see why I like it.)

This morning, we went to Chick-Fil-A to redeem some coupons that I got at school (have I mentioned lately that teachers get awesome coupons? Because we do). I got some free chicken minis. I asked for pickles to go with them, and Alyce, our cashier, looked at me and started grinning and asked, “Are you?” I am not. Pregnant, that is. Nor am I offended by her asking me. She was very friendly and helpful. And I imagine she doesn’t get a lot of requests for pickles at breakfast time. I would have been curious too. The thing is, I just really like pickles. We took some chicken minis to Alisa, who was working at Starbucks this morning, and we ate breakfast with her (as a family, because that’s how we do things now. We made a delicious pizza together last night as a family. It had artichoke hearts and roasted red pepper and mushrooms and onion. Here is a picture of it:

family-pizza )

and had coffee and then we went to the Farmer’s Market. Now we are home, burrowed beneath two blankets.

I have no plans to run in any 3.14 mile races today, but perhaps I will take this as a good excuse to make a pie. What is your vote for pie for Pi Day?

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