Small graces.

I enjoy sleeping in because of two-hour delays.

I enjoy that moment when a book that has started off kind of slow begins to pick up, when all of the characters who have been a jumbled mess begin to crystallize into individual people and you can start to see what they are doing and where things are going. This does not always happen, so it is a pleasure when it does.

I enjoy looking back at a day that you were dreading and seeing that, you know, it went pretty fast and your students were well-behaved and there were snacks and, all in all, you really can’t complain. Especially when there were snacks. Did I mention the snacks? And did I mention the students who do good work and make me smile?

I enjoy having Alisa around in the afternoons.

I enjoy my drive home, that time to decompress with my carpool friend. I think Mike enjoys this, too, because he has to hear a whole lot less frustrating things from me. I get them out and let them go.

I enjoy meetings that end in a timely manner.

I enjoy that moment when I get home from yoga and I get my tea made and I settle in to relax for the rest of the evening. Which is what I am going to do now. What were your small graces today?

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