It’s a magical world.

We are having the Best. Snow Day. Ever.

School was called last night. Through the magic of Facebook, we invited our friend Rydell (who lives two doors down) to come and have breakfast with us. Mike whipped together a French Toast Casserole. In celebration of school being called, we made Alisa watch Dirty Dancing (she had never seen it before, y’all!). Now she knows the joys of watermelon carrying and Baby-putting-in-a-cornering.

This morning when we got up, there were three or four inches on the ground. Through further Facebook magic, we invited our other neighbors and their two adorable children to come and join us for breakfast and, between the three houses, managed to put together enough food for everyone. I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, our next door neighbors brought blueberry muffins, Rydell brought eggs, and we had plenty of bacon. And, of course, we all wonder why it takes a snow day to make us hang out like that. We are so happy to live in a neighborhood and have people to hang out with. I hung out with our next-door neighbors on Friday afternoon, because Mike went to see Coraline and it was a long day and their children, as I mentioned, are adorable.

After breakfast, we hung out for a while and then we all went sledding! Alisa had never been sledding before, and it’s more fun to go with kids anyway. I wiped out. Rydell flipped over. Mike and Alisa were very smooth.

Here are the neighbors:

Then Rydell walked over to our house with us and helped us make a snow penguin.

If you would like to see all of the snow day pictures (I am not sure why you would like to see all 239 of them, but if you would), they are here!

Mike and I were talking about Calvin and Hobbes today, and he asked me what the last cartoon was. I told him it was appropriate for today. (Click to see it larger.)


Calvin is right. It’s a magical world! I hope you have been exploring it in your most favorite way.

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