It’s as if Oscar knows me or something.

(This is apparently from Follow That Bird. Which I have only really seen once, but I don’t remember this. Grouches unite!)

Okay, to temper the grouchiness, I will tell you a story of something that happened today. I was teaching a lesson on plagiarism and used Michael Bolton as an example, because he had to pay the Isley Brothers a lot of money for plagiarizing their song lyrics. Even though the kids don’t know who Michael Bolton is, they are impressed with how much money he had to pay.

Except this one kid said, “Isn’t Michael Bolton that guy that they make fun of in Office Space?”

Y’all. These are sixth graders. He should not have seen Office Space. At the same time? Totally awesome.

My response? “Yes. In Office Space, they said that they didn’t think he had much talent.”

And then we moved on. Very quickly. But the knowing look on his face when I said that was totally the highlight of my day.

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