Good things for January.

Okay, I’m on Brandi’s bandwagon, and I have decided to write down good things for each day. If there’s something that was good enough to write down, there’s probably a decent story, so if you want to know about something, just ask and I will be glad to explain (most of the time).

1. Went to the neighbors’ party and I drank beer while Mike watched football.
2. Went for an excellent run and we had steak for dinner.
3. We bought all the stuff for our bathroom, had lunch with Mom & Nancy, bought frames and fabric, primed Alisa’s room, and lots of people stopped by.
4. Got my new (replacement) engagement ring and we hung pictures.
5. Bought tile for Alisa’s bathroom.
6. Took down the bathroom wallpaper.
7. Small victory with one of my most difficult students.
8. Watched the Brad Pitt episode of Friends.
9. Went out with some other teachers for the chorus teacher’s birthday. Had French Onion soup.
10. Very productive around the house and Mike primed the bathroom.
11. Finished painting my small cabinet.
12. Made butternut squash and caramelized onion galette for dinner and it was delicious.
13. Went to bed at 8:30 and slept through the night.
14. Good meeting after work with other librarians.
15. Solaris (tapas restaurant) with friends – half price tapas might be the best deal in town.
16. Jeans day at school, and my students did an awesome job on the Amazing Library Race.
17. Alisa moved in and with the shower curtain, the bathroom looks awesome.
18. Two of my friends served at GUM with me.
19. It snowed in the evening.
20. Inauguration day was a snow day!
21. Went to bed early and slept really great.
22. I had my book club and the author came.
23. Bought Mike the greatest shirt of all time.
24. Dawn! Susan! Andrea! Alisa! Adriene! White House! Capitol! Smithsonian! White-Handed Obama!
25. IKEA!
26. We had Mexican lasagna for dinner. And lots of leftovers.
27. My first class (UNCG) didn’t make me want to stab myself in the eye. Also, Mike drove me to class so that I didn’t have to walk in the cold/rain.
28. Yoga was really good, and I feel stronger.
29. My students started the timeline project and were awesome.
30. One of my Battle of the Books kids won the cup-stacking intramural for the entire school.
31. Had a really good cry and talk with Mike and my mom that made me feel much better.

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