It wasn’t just me.

Do you know about the Printz Award? It’s like the Newbery for YA books. And this year, one of the Printz Honor books was one that I raved about a few weeks ago: Tender Morsels. If you won’t listen to me, maybe YALSA will impress you? It was an excellent (though, I should repeat, R-rated) book. If I worked in a high school, I would definitely be adding it to my collection.

If you haven’t seen what some of the other awards are, here’s the ALSC award list (that includes the Newbery) and here are the YALSA awards (they are a little bit less easy to navigate, unfortunately). One thing I’d like to mention is that Laurie Halse Anderson won the Edwards award for Speak (among other works), and that’s another amazing book.

The day these lists come out is like the Oscar nominations for librarians. I heard what won the big ones, but I wanted to see the lists, and I couldn’t even get ALA’s website to load. Ah, sweet nerdiness. It’s good to be reminded that there are others like me out there.

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