Cold weather you can believe in.

When I heard about white-handed Obama, I was like, “Man, we would never have been fooled like that. I mean, we LOOKED at his hands. And they were holding glasses, which was weird. And he wasn’t wearing a wedding band. But they weren’t white. We would totally have noticed that.”

Oh, except for the part where we didn’t.

Now I have something to tell my kids, at least. “Children, I had my picture taken with a white-handed version of our first African-American president. And I didn’t even notice. No, I didn’t actually meet the president. Or the first lady. I just had my picture taken with a cardboard cut-out. It was 2009. Back then, we thought those sorts of things were hilarious. No, I don’t know why my hat looks so weird. It looks fine in the other pictures. Speaking of which . . . no, I don’t actually know why I was wearing it inside.”

It’s a little pointy in this one, too. At least I’m holding an action figure I can believe in.

You can see the rest of the pictures (and video of me presenting Mike with the most awesome shirt of all time) here.

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