A mobile metaphor.

On the way to my grandma’s house, there is a very old, very classic firetruck from the local volunteer fire department that is for sale. It’s been there for a while, and ever since I first saw it, I have had fantasies of buying it and driving it around. (I once applied for a job to drive a library’s bookmobile, so I obviously have some sort of bus/truck obsession.) Imagine it with me: I could drive it to school, and my students would think I was crazy, awesome, or crazy-awesome. Boys under the age of six would worship me. (This is important not because I have some creepy thing for small children, but because our two-year-old neighbor sees me and says, “Where is Mr. Mike?” Well, screw you, Mr. Mike! I have a firetruck! I win!) I could – nay, I would – get a fireman’s hat to wear. Sure, parking might be a problem, but I think everyone gets out of the way when they see a fire truck. Running errands would suddenly be about 200 times more awesome. Think of me . . . in my fire truck . . . at Target. Because of these dreams of mine, Mike and I always look to see if it’s still there. On Christmas Eve, it was still there. I think it is waiting for me to purchase it and give it a loving home.

Even more than that, Mike pointed out that my firetruck could be a mobile metaphor as I, a librarian, fight book burning and censorship. It could be the freedom-of-speech-mobile! I could take it on tour and speak about censorship all over the country! It could be my new career! Or possibly the children’s picture book I write – the one about the librarian in the fire truck! (That is my idea and you’d better not steal it.)

Anyway, I think you will agree that this needs to happen. Who wants to help me make this dream a reality? Think of the children (specifically the boys under the age of six)! Think of the books being burned as we speak! Think of me in a fire hat!

(Should we have a bake sale? Because I made entirely too many cookies this year.)

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