Open on Thanksgiving!

Mike and I noticed today that Sonic had a sign that said, “Open on Thanksgiving!” Now, it’s hard to get me to go to Sonic under any circumstances, but I can’t imagine what would drive someone to be at Sonic on Thanksgiving. Let’s say our car broke down. And no one could repair it. And there were no rental cars available anywhere. And all of our friends were out of town. And my wife had just left me and my dog had died. And all the restaurants I called were booked. And I was riding my bicycle around town. And it was snowing. Even then, I think I would not go to Sonic.

Besides, what would you order at Sonic on Thanksgiving? Do they have turkey burgers? Can you get their tots with a side of gravy? Would you be able to order a pumpkin milkshake? And if you did all those things, would it be the saddest Thanksgiving meal ever? Signs point to yes.

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