Does it always look so gray before the fall?

Things I did not do this weekend:


Things I did this weekend:

-Cleaned out Big Bunny’s cage. She now hates me more than ever. Because I ran both the Roomba and the vacuum cleaner in close proximity to her.

-Saw Twilight. It was Really Terrible. I was hoping it would be terrible in a fun and guilty pleasure sort of way, but instead it was just Really Terrible. I would feel bad for wasting my time, but I went with a group of other teachers and Andrea, and we had massive amounts of snacks, so it was a fun time despite the movie. I brought Scooby Snacks because of my love for Jacob. We also had Cherry Hershey’s Kisses, Oreos with red filling, and cherry gumdrops. Note the red theme. VAMPIRES LIKE BLOOD. I don’t know if you’ve heard. In solidarity with me, Andrea brought puppy chow. (Mike would like me to tell you that those Scooby Snacks are awesome. He and Big Bunny have finished off the box.)

-I folded all the laundry. I like doing laundry, but sometimes I don’t get it folded right away. This is a huge accomplishment.

-I made French Onion Soup. It was quite delicious, if I say so myself. And I do. Because it was delicious.

-I read four books: The World According to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith (I loved it, of course, so why would I bore you with my review?), Death’s Half Acre by Margaret Maron (I waited for this one since August, and I am not all that happy with the public library for making me wait. Good book, though), Here if You Need Me by Kate Braestrup (pretty good), and 3 Willows by Ann Brashares (I will tell you about this one closer to publication. But you should plan on reading it, because it’s good).

-We also have clean sheets and I organized my closet.

In summation: I am boringly domestic. But at least I didn’t do any homework. I have some dignity left.

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