Half-truths and hypocrisy.

I entered a contest on WFDD’s website to win two tickets to see The Santaland Diaries at Triad Stage on opening night. Which is tonight. And I won! Yay! Mike is not the only winner in our family! (I entered him, too, but I am the one who won! And I will take him with me if he’s nice. Now get in the kitchen and make me some dinner, Mike. Snap, snap!)

But we have a problem. Because it’s a little early for Christmas. So now I am a total hypocrite. I must find ways to make this acceptable, such as, “I objected to Christmas music, but maybe there won’t be any music in the play,” and, “The Santaland Diaries isn’t really about Jesus, it’s about humor, which is appropriate ALL YEAR ROUND.”

Ah, sweet justification. How I love you so. Almost as much as free tickets to opening night.

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