My deeply unscientific poll of the part of my neighborhood I saw during my two-mile run.

I have been noticing a lot of meaningless polls in the news. Oh, McCain has the bump from the convention! Oh, Obama has pulled ahead by two points! Oh, the Palin effect! None of these polls actually mean anything, because no one really knows what is going to happen on November 4th. In that same spirit, I offer you my deeply unscientific poll of the yard signs I counted while on my two mile run today.

McCain yard signs: 4
Obama yard signs: 2

(Those numbers do seem low, I know. I should say that I ran along a lake and also beside a park, so well over half of my path had houses only on one side. Next time I will choose a more interesting path for my polling purposes.)

The results: Two thirds of the people who were in my running path and who also care enough to put up signs are voting McCain. Sorry, Obama. You should just hang it up now. Unless, of course, all those empty yards are undecided voters. In which case: both you guys better step it up!

It was almost enough to make me want to go for a longer run, because I have seen more of both signs on other paths. Almost. But not really. Also, counting signs sure made that run go faster. People of my neighborhood! Declare your political affiliations! Because it gives me something to do besides listen to The Hold Steady and pine for my run to be over!

Some other deeply unscientific observations:

-Most of the McCain voters are also voting Elizabeth Dole.

-The McCain houses were, uh, considerably larger than the Obama houses. hehehe.

-Except for one McCain house, which was in the smaller part of the neighborhood (read: the part of the neighborhood I live in). At that house, there were people in the yard. And both of them had white hair. It made me laugh, because it’s such a stereotype.

I am actually very interested to see if the signage increases in our neighborhood throughout October. My family isn’t much for joining things or believing in political parties, so we’ve never had signs in our own yard for political candidates. What does the sign do besides alienate your neighbors who feel just as strongly about the other guy (or gal)? Do those signs ever change anyone’s mind? (I do think that local signs can cause name recognition when you get to the polls, but . . . I am pretty sure McCain and Obama have enough name recognition. Just a hunch.) I have never believed in a political candidate strongly enough to want to put a sign up. And, frankly, that’s still how I feel. I am my father’s daughter, and therefore required to hold the position that, “They’re all a bunch of crooks.” I am married, however, to an Obama supporter, and he keeps threatening to cover up the dent on my car’s bumper (thank you, Mr. I-drive-a-giant-SUV-and-talk-on-my-phone-rather-than-looking-when-I-back-up) with an Obama magnet. Because we’re just too busy to actually get the car fixed. And, also, we’re just that classy.

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