In which we successfully grill pizza despite our best efforts to screw things up.

We had some friends over Saturday night and grilled pizza. I meant to take pictures, but it all happened kind of fast there at the end, so there are no pictures of Mike grilling the pizza. I will say that this was definitely the best grilled pizza we have ever done. After some trial and error, Mike has figured out the best way to shape the dough and get it on the grill. I was inside getting the toppings and the salad ready, but I wish I could have seen how he did it this time. He really outdid himself.

We had our friends over to thank them for helping us move. Like most everything else having to do with this house, we could not have gotten moved in without their help, because none of the move-in went as planned. Of course. To thank them, really, all we did was feed them pizza, but grilling it makes it sound more glamorous, don’t you think? We had a cheese pizza (that one I baked in the oven); a pesto pizza with mushrooms, red onion, chicken, and tomatoes; and a sundried tomato pesto pizza with squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. Mike made the various pestos. Pestoes? And we bought a lot of the veggies on Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market because these friends really dig that sort of thing.

The dough itself was kind of a comedy of errors. We made a grocery list and Mike went to get everything. Unfortunately, we managed to miscalculate how much yeast we actually had. We also managed not to check to see if we had any flour. Because of course we have flour! How could we be out of flour? We had one cup of flour. Because of that, our dough ended up being whole wheat, because that was what we had. Also, when I was measuring out the flour, I lost track of how many cups I had counted. ALSO, after stressing about our lack of yeast and the whole flour situation, we realized that the original recipe was meant to make two pizzas. Since we were making three, we had plenty of dough (and yeast) after all. Despite all of our best efforts to ruin everything by not having the proper ingredients and not reading the recipe thoroughly, the dough ended up being great. No thanks to either of us.

It was a really nice evening – the food turned out great, and we ended up talking and watching The Office and playing with Big Bunny until after 11. (For two schoolteachers, that is kind of late.) It was our first time actually having people over to the new place for a meal, and we did lots of straightening and hanging pictures to make it work. We also took the big chair to be reupholstered Saturday, so it will be all spiffed up and back to us in a few weeks. It was good to have a reason to keep on unpacking and organizing. Otherwise, we might never get the pictures on the walls. And the things we did Saturday already make it feel more homey. (But we do miss the big chair already. Come home soon, big chair!)

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