It might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie.

When I was in grad school the first time around, I had my binders and they were organized and I was on top of things. Now, I have never been the kind of person who is great at keeping paper organized (my desk, for example, is piles of papers, but I do know where everything is), but I had my binders and my color-coded tabs and I was decently organized.

This time, though? FAIL. I haven’t even bought a binder yet. I keep carrying around these huge piles of the articles I have printed off. The papers for my two classes are mixed together. It is an abomination. And I can’t seem to find the desire to do something about it. (I imagine I will find that desire right about the time I realize something is due and I had no idea about it. It would probably be good to find it before then if I can manage it.)

I am feeling better about my classes this week. Last week, what with the tornadoes and the rain and the being late, I left class and cried and cried. I told Mike I couldn’t do it. I really meant it, too. I don’t really say things like that, especially when it comes to school. But I did not believe I could do it. I considered dropping one of my classes. But I didn’t. I think I made the right decision. Last night as I was walking back to my car, I was relieved to feel much more like myself, the person who is not afraid to look these sorts of challenges in the face. Creating videos? I scoff at creating videos. Papers on asinine topics? Bring them on! I can do those with my eyes closed. Wasting my time? Well, I don’t love that so much. But I can deal with it.

As I was walking on the sidewalk on UNCG’s campus, a car going in the same direction stopped at a stoplight and began blasting the song “Bye Bye Bye.” On both sides of the street, spontaneous dancing broke out. People were reenacting the video and singing along. An ‘N Sync party! Right there on the street! (If we guess that these were 18-20 year olds, well, they were 10-12 when the song came out. I imagine many of them practiced those dance steps in their living rooms. Not that I have any experience in that sort of thing.) I may or may not have learned anything in my class, but I learned something there on the sidewalk: I need more spontaneous dancing in my life.

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