Weekend roundup.

Remember the kingly mattress pad of insomnia? It has been sitting in a giant pile of . . . stuff on the bed in our second bedroom. (Don’t I sound like a wonderful housekeeper?) But since we have finally been unpacking our pictures, I was able to get to one of the blankets we’d used to pack pictures. That meant that we finally had a lightweight blanket for our bed. And THAT meant that I could take the mattress pad, cut off the stretchy parts on the side, and stuff it into our duvet cover. This is about as crafty as I ever get. But it was pretty awesome, I thought! Our bed once again looks kingly. We get kingliness without the insomnia. Not as awesome: Kari wrestling the giant mattress pad of doom into the duvet cover. I won in the end. That’s all you need to know.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer’s Market. As we do from time to time. Maybe I have mentioned it once or twice. When I went last week, I saw Mr. Dodge Lodge Farm and told him that the tomatoes came out great. He said I should bring him some. So this week, I did! Also, he waved at me before I pulled them out, proving once and for all that he does actually know who I am. Except he doesn’t know my name, because I’ve never told him. But that doesn’t matter, because he said that from now on he is going to call me Good Cook. Or something like that. It gets kind of loud at the Farmer’s Market. Maybe he said something more eloquent than Good Cook. The point is, he liked the tomatoes. He hid them under the table so that no one would ask to buy them. I have no idea whether anyone would actually try to buy them, but it was nice of him to go on and on about them. (It worked – we bought our vegetables from him.) (But not any tomatoes. Though he did ask.) They have a CSA program that we are probably going to look into. He might possibly know my name after that.

We also bought something we hadn’t bought before – milk. We switched to organic milk a while back, and a this summer we talked about switching to local milk with no added hormones. But then we never could time it so that we were running out of milk at the right time, so we kept having to get grocery store milk as a stopgap measure. But it finally worked out this weekend that we could buy milk from Homeland Creamery. (Melissa went a couple of weeks ago with her kids, and you can see the pictures here!) You can also get it at some local stores, but not the ones where we usually shop. And, anyway, it’s a tiny bit cheaper to get it at the Farmer’s Market. May I just say, looking at their website really made me want to go and visit the cows.

Mike and I did a lot of unpacking this weekend. We unpacked the teapots, which I cleaned and put on top of the cabinets. He got a lot of pictures out and hung one or two. Some of our rooms are starting to look more homey. But now I need to go and finish putting away the laundry and sweeping the floor so I can cross those things off my list. The only thing I didn’t get to on my list was finishing The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Which I am not so much enjoying. Anybody read it? Am I going to change my mind about it?

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