I don’t like to post pictures of my house, so you’d better enjoy it while you can get it.

Once upon a time, Mike and Kari bought a house. Here is what the kitchen looked like.

(That’s three layers of linoleum. And the scary carpet.)

There were crazy light fixtures and half the room was carpeted and the cabinets had weird yellow slats on the doors and the fireplace was hideously ugly. And ugly wallpaper. There were so many awful things I can’t remember them all.

This is what it looked like for most of the summer.

How did we get through that? I don’t know. Margaritas, mostly.

And, FINALLY, here is what it looks like now!

Yes, I know we need a cover for our vent.

Yes, I know we need some crown molding for the fireplace. You people are so demanding. Can’t we rest on our laurels for a while?

Obviously there are a few details we need to finish, and we need to work on window treatments and hang pictures, but I wanted to let you see how far we have come.

One last word about the kitchen – here is a picture of our tile. I mopped last night, so I feel confident showing it to you. Our friend Randy at Rekoncile Design did the floor, and he did a spectacular job.

The kitchen transformation can also be viewed here.

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