Makes me feel invincible.

Apparently whenever you get a prescription filled now, there is a description of what the medicine looks like. I got an antibiotic, and on the sticker that CVS printed, it says, “This is a PINK, OVAL-shaped TABLET imprinted with G on the front and 3060 on the back.” Is this some kind of law, or just a CVS thing? It makes me laugh. Whose job is it to write those descriptions? How do those people feel when they go home at night? Are they tempted to describe the medicines using more exciting colors? Because I would say that these pills are a rose/fuschia combination.

Mike got some cough syrup from the doctor, and his is even better. The label says, “This is a GOLD LIQUID.” Now, I am not positive, but it appears to me that Mike’s doctor prescribed him Felix Felicis. I am linking that for those of you who aren’t Harry Potter nerds. Felix Felicis, you guys! Liquid luck! I am really jealous, because all the doctor gave me was PINK, OVAL-shaped TABLETS. No magic. No luck. What gives, doctors? I was sick, too! I work with teenagers and need all the luck I can find!

(School starts next week. Please send any extra luck my way.)

(The downside to his Felix Felicis is that every night since he has started taking it I have fallen asleep with “Felix Felicis” by Harry and the Potters in my head. “All these ideas seem so reasonable once I’ve had something to drink.”)

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