Today’s Farmers’ Market Find: Barack Obama

Last Wednesday I went to the Farmers’ Market and bought lots of tomatoes. But this week I had to go back to work rather than purchasing tasty vegetables. Last night, Mike asked what time it opens on Wednesdays (7:00) to see if it would be possible for one of us to go. But we decided just to wait until Saturday. Great plan, since apparently Barack Obama showed up at the Farmers’ Market this morning.

(Let’s talk for a minute about the voicemail I just left Melissa, challenging her to get Barack to show up at a yard sale. Because that’s the kind of friend I am.)

I mean, sure, even if we had decided to go, it would have been before 9:30 By 9:30, I was already deep into a meeting. But I can still complain about it, right? Why not last week, Barack? I was there! I was buying tomatoes and supporting local farmers! Why not Saturday, Barack? I’ll be there then!

For the record, I sometimes play a little game at the Farmers’ Market called, “How many people are wearing Obama t-shirts?” In the parking lot, I play another game called, “How many Obama bumper stickers do I see?” Your spot, sir, was well-chosen.

Political figures I have met: John Edwards (who is not very tall) and Elizabeth Dole (who looked different than I expected). I met John Edwards at the Greensboro Public Library not long after he announced his first presidential candidacy. I tried to hide behind a pole, but I ended up shaking his hand on the local news. I met Elizabeth Dole when I was hanging out with THE KING. Apparently they are friends.

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