In praise of Mike.

Today is a sick day. I woke up in the middle of the night with a really sore throat. My throat is feeling better now, but I have had a headache all day, even after taking Advil. Mike, however, painted (most of) our kitchen a nice cheerful yellow. (Kitchen update: We still have to scrape and sand the parts of the kitchen where there was wallpaper, and we have to touch up the fireplace where it got some cement on it. The floor needs to be sealed and the countertops will hopefully be installed this week.) And that reminds me of some advice I have been wanting to give my single readers, because all summer long, Mike has been on top of things. He organized the move, he took care of the mortgage paperwork, he stayed on the phone with the people who were building our cabinets, he has talked to lawyers and realtors and contractors and he is awesome. I was basically dead weight, is what I am telling you. I did some painting and some unpacking and some taking down of wallpaper. He was the one with the vision. I was the one with the lists. He was the one with the positivity that everything was going to come together. I was the one who, at times, just wanted to curl up in the fetal position and escape from the massive amount of work to be done. He was the one with endless energy. Sometimes I was a little bit lazy. He kept us organized and sane. And he stayed on top of meals. And you know how important meals are to me. My contribution was basically staying on top of the laundry. Which is important when you are painting, because suddenly all the rags you own are covered in paint.

So, single readers, here is some serious advice. If you, like me, get overwhelmed at large projects, marry someone like Mike, who has those gifts that I do not. And then make him lots of pie to keep him cheerful. And make sure he has clean socks. You guys will be the perfect team!

But you can’t have him. You have to get your own Mike. I still have some things around the house that I need this Mike to do.

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