Professional loungers.

When Mike and I went to New York, we had the kind of vacation where you run around and see things all day long. And also you stop in Starbucks a lot to get cold beverages and check your email. This vacation, though, was the kind my family is really good at: the lay around and do nothing kind. I read five books. Mike didn’t wear shoes for five days. We ate a lot of food, lounged in the hammock, played Settlers of Catan, and I even managed to get a little sun. (You wouldn’t be able to tell, but I can.) My family has spent a lot of vacations in that beach house. Myrtle Beach may be too touristy for some people, but that house is one of my favorite places, and we honestly didn’t really leave. Except to go buy more food. Things my family is good at: lounging and eating. There really ought to be Olympics in those things.

We came home with some excitement and trepidation, for, you see, our kitchen floor and cabinets were to be installed while we were gone. And, lo, we arrived at the house and I ran past the kitchen to the bathroom (as I do after long trips), blocking my view so I didn’t get a sneak peek. After relieving my bladder, I went to see what had transpired in our kitchen while we were lounging. And. Oh, my. Such a difference. The flooring is about 75% done, and the cabinets are in. We need our hardware to be installed on the cabinets (they had to consult us before doing anything, which is nice except for the fact that I haven’t got an opinion on things like that, so they should have just done whatever is standard instead of opening up the possibility that I might screw things up) and people are coming to measure for our countertop TOMORROW. And we will probably paint this weekend. I know what you are going to say, and, yes we will have some pictures for you soon. I caved and took some “before” pics of that room at least. So you will be able to marvel at the transformation. Which is what I need to get back to doing right now. Oh, my goodness.

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