I could while away the hours.

I haven’t done a Big Bunny update in a while, but some people have asked how she survived the move. The answer to that is that she basically still thinks we are a bunch of idiots. Which is what she thinks all the time. So, essentially, nothing has changed.

Actually, the move from one house to another went more smoothly than when we moved her upstairs to the laundry room in the old house back in March (an Incident Of Which We Do Not Speak). We put her in her little travel carrier, which she hates, and got the cage into the pickup truck. I put the travel carrier into the floor of my car, cranked up the air, and spoke soothingly to her the whole way. This made no difference, because, as I mentioned, she thinks we are a bunch of idiots and also we had just put her in her travel carrier, making us unjust as well as stupid. She made scratchy protesting noises the whole way, which was good because it meant that I knew she hadn’t freaked out and had a bunny heart attack. Her feelings on our intelligence were confirmed when we unloaded the new cage, set it up exactly the same way, and put her in it. “Idiots,” she clearly thought. “Why put me through so much trauma just to put me right back in the same cage?

We have been painting and moving furniture around in the sunroom, so we haven’t been able to let her out quite as much as she would like (she has made her feelings on that matter very clear), but she has enjoyed the room a lot. Now that the TV is hooked up, she likes to spread out in front of it (it’s definitely spreading out, because she is rather large) and listen to her shows. She thinks it’s totally unfair that we don’t let her operate the TiVo, though. (She ate some of the buttons off of the remote and lost her TiVo privileges.) When the work in the kitchen is done, we should be able to let her hop around the whole house a little bit more. Unfortunately, she had just gotten used to the idea of stairs, and she is going to think we are idiots for having everything on one floor. How will she get her stairmaster training in? (Did I mention that she is rather large?)

We have had Big Bunny for almost a year now, and for the most part she likes us a lot and will come when we call. She knows that she only gets food in her cage, so she runs there whenever she hears food, and she always goes back to her cage to take care of her business. Now if only we could be as intelligent as she deserves.

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