First in an occasional series.

Melissa likes to tell you about all the rules she has for yard sales and all the deals she finds on Saturday mornings. Well, I am usually out and about on Saturday mornings, but it’s not at yard sales. It’s at the Farmer’s Market. So here is my answer to Melissa’s posts: Kari’s Farmer’s Market Finds, An Occasional Series. My posts will deal with vegetables rather than clothes or furniture or grills or whatever. I can’t really fathom the things she finds. She has magical yard sale skills. This one time at a yard sale I saw a picture frame that was really beat up. And also a weird shelf to hang on the wall. I did not buy either of them.

This was a slow week, because the Farmer’s Market is also open on Wednesdays during the summer, and we bought some fruit on Wednesday and also some yellow zucchinis and also tomatoes. In fact, for dinner last night, we had a meal that consisted entirely of Farmer’s Market food: lima beans, grilled yellow zucchini, and sliced tomato. But I still needed to go on Saturday and get my whole wheat organic pita from Zaytoon ($2.00 – we eat a lot of hummus, and this is the best pita ever. Mike even made pita chips on July 4th to go with the black bean hummus/dip he made). I also got two bunches of onions ($1.50/each) and two green peppers ($.75/each). Total for this week? $6.50.

(Just so you know, I didn’t use the flash in that picture. We have a small skylight in our kitchen, and the food was basically right under it when I took the picture. That is why it looks so bright.)

Speaking of the fruit that I purchased, there is a pie in the oven right now! I got up and made a pie. Mike came into the kitchen and I was rolling out pie crust. I did this instead of going running, which was probably not the smartest move I have ever made. Speaking of the oven, I will have to show you our oven/microwave combo sometime. You will be amazed at its 1970s glory. And you will understand why we have already purchased another one to replace it.

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