Our house maybe doesn’t smell as clean as I thought.

We have been using white vinegar as a cleaner the past few months. Mike asked if I would consider using a more natural fabric softener, so I tried it there and thought it was fine. Then I started using it to mop the floors. And clean the sink. And the tub. It’s all-purpose! One bottle to clean everything!

Obviously, when we were going to take down wallpaper and I saw that vinegar could be used to help get rid of the glue, I thought, “Hey, we have plenty of that around here!” It seemed to work pretty well, I thought, with the added bonus that everything smelled so fresh and clean in the hall where we were working. When I expressed that thought, that love of the clean fresh smell, my aunt said, “I think it smells like pickles.”

Which . . . is a drawback I hadn’t really considered.

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