The middle of everywhere.

Now that we live here in the middle of everything, it is suddenly possible for me to see my students when I go out and run errands. We don’t live in my school’s district, but Target and Barnes and Noble are, you know, the kinds of places where people often are. Including my students. I saw two at Barnes and Noble Tuesday morning and one at Target that afternoon. Three! In one day! I told Mike that we should start playing a game to see who sees more students each time we go out. Even though my school has about three times the amount of students his does and I interact with more students than he does, this is fair because we live in his school’s district (let me be frank: there is a school zone sign in our front yard that is for his school. We are talking two tenths of a mile here) and so all the neighborhood kids go there. I still think I can win. And that is what’s important.

One set of neighbors came over and introduced themselves on Monday night. They brought cookies, and they have adorable children, so those points are in their favor. They came over while Brian and Sarah were here, bringing us dinner. I can sense your jealousy because we are totally racking up on the free food. But, seriously, I am pretty sure that bringing us dinner this week will get you stars in your crown in heaven, because I don’t know what we would have done if they hadn’t brought us dinner. Probably eaten microwave popcorn. We were really focused on the painting.

I didn’t take “before” pictures because, well, the camera was still at the old house when we started painting and attacking the carpet. (Those are two separate things there. We painted the walls. We did not attack the carpet with paint. Though I might have if I’d thought about it. And we haven’t gotten to the wallpaper yet. We took Tuesday off.) Also, all those things I mentioned last week about style make me kind of shy about posting pictures of my house. So I probably won’t show you much of our progress, because you won’t be able to fully understand the scope of what is going on here. But I do want to show you pictures of the brick wall that we painted in our sunroom, because I am especially proud of it. So if you are into that sort of thing, stay tuned for that.

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