Digging for treasure.

Mike and I spent much of Friday afternoon/evening uncovering the hardwood floors in the front room of our new house. We pulled up the carpet, then got to work pulling out the staples and tacks. This is not the sort of thing we claim to be very good at, so it was especially satisfying to be able to say that we completed the task. The floors are in very good condition – no stains or discolorations. No real scratches, either, except where we had trouble pulling up the tacks. We had to finish the task by flashlight, as there are no overhead lights in that room and we haven’t yet brought any lamps here. Lamps will be here today, along with the rest of our furniture and belongings. About halfway through, we realized we should have taken a before picture so that we would have evidence of all of our work. Since we didn’t, you’ll just have to trust me. What a difference. I have spent many years objecting to hardwood floors, and, to be honest, I really do prefer carpet because I like both sitting on the floor (as I am now) and walking around barefoot. But it’s just wrong to cover up hardwood floors as pretty as these.

This house is a bit of a fixer-upper, it’s true. For many years we said that we needed to live somewhere new so there wouldn’t be as many things to fix, but we have had a little more practice, so we felt a little bit more ready to try. And we have so many plans and dreams for this place, plans and dreams that start today. When we start taking down that godawful wallpaper. Which is something else we’ve never done before.

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