Some Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life by Rebecca Doughty

Earlier in the school year, some of the teachers and I were joking about needing to be more positive. One of the art teachers even purchased a book at Barnes and Noble with quotes about positivity, and we tried to read them at lunchtime, but . . . the quotes were too long! They often had no meaning! Instead of being uplifting, they often depressed us.

When this book came in the mail, I read it, and I was so excited. I took it to school and we had Storytime With Kari at lunch. And this book was declared to be a great hit and exactly what we needed during the last few weeks of school. In fact, we found it so delightful that other spontaneous storytimes took place during the last week of school. This book is now famous at my school, both for the fact that it is cute and makes people smile, and also for the fact that I made adults sit and listen to me as I read it to them. I am still kind of new at that job, and I should maybe not do things like that.

I don’t know how to talk about picture books without showing some of the pictures. Here are a few reasons that we enjoyed this book.

The art teachers liked this page:

Big Bunny liked this page (in case you cannot read it, it says “International Bunny Appreciation Day”

And also she liked the face of the bunny here. Check out this bunny attitude:

Mike liked the environmental message:

But this was my favorite:

(I checked the artist’s website, because I love that picture and would love to have a print or a poster of it, but I don’t see anything at this time.)

I will be honest with you – I don’t tend to like little books of silly platitudes. But this book is a lot more than that. The message is simple, but the funny and charming illustrations make it something special. It would be perfect for a gift basket for a friend in need of some cheering up. (But don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing spontaneously and making funny faces in the mirror.)

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